MAFIA Attends ASCB 2017 in Philly

After weeks of anticipation, MAFIA members attended the ASCB annual meeting in Philly with excitement.

Of course we met old and new friends, dined, chatted, and laughed together, thanks to Matt P’s super organizing power!

We learned a lot from the talks, and gave some talks ourselves. Seven talks to be exact.

Seungman talked about mechanical characterization of engineered tissues.

Jenny talked about drastic morphological changes and cell motility modulation in multiple cell types upon sudden mechanical stimuli.

Khalid talked about tunable bioink development for 3D printing.

Nick talked about cancer cells mechanically remodel the microenvironment.

Deb and his beanie talked about the responses of epithelium to hydrostatic pressure changes under physiologically representative conditions.

We also presented our research progress during the poster sessions.

Seungman explained how immunosupression can be coupled with mechanosignaling.

Nick and his TME poster (and Yun).

Tanner explained how to build a new computational model to predict the mechanical properties of DNA origami.

It was a blast!


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