The iPSC-derived Cardiac Tissues Paper is Featured on World Heart Day

To bring awareness of cardiovascular disease, Wiley compiled a World Heart Day (September 29th) collection. Our paper “Mechanical Characterization of hiPSC‐Derived Cardiac Tissues for Quality Control” is featured in the collection. We are glad we are part of the efforts in innovative treatment for heart failures.


Figure: The fabrication steps of printing implantable cardiac tissues. a) hiPSC‐derived cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells, and fibroblasts are combined to form spheroids in U‐bottom, 96‐well plates. The spheroid is used as a basic building block for patch construction. b) Individual spheroids are picked up by the 3D bioprinting tip and transferred onto needle arrays to form the patch. c) After spheroids are fused together, the cardiac patch is decannulated and cultured under the needle‐free condition to allow maturation. Insets: a cardiac patch and a spheroid are shown in blue‐ and red‐framed images.

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