2020 Halloween Mask-On Party

We celebrated this year’s Halloween by convention – having a themed party on Friday.  Due to safe measures for COVID-19, the theme of our 2020 Halloween Lab Party is cat and mask. After our Amazon order of cat masks went missing during the delivery, Junjie promptly and enthusiastically mobilized everybody in the lab to get artistically hand-made cat masks to wear at the gathering.  We can proudly say that our creativity definitely flew from research to crafting!  Incidentally 10/30 was also National Cat Day. The picture was taken in R House where we had snack and chatted happily. We  were a bit sad that we missed our wonderful undergraduate group members this year. But at least we got the chance to see each other in person. Many of us did not meet since March until now.


Edit: Thanks to Keva, the processed image below records the virtual presence of our brilliant undergraduate research assistants. Happy Halloween!

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