Happy Halloween 2023

This year almost everyone in the group was caught in a web of deadlines. So much so we decided to set the theme of our Halloween photoshoot as half-ass Barbies.

The following pictures accurately reflect our minimum efforts this year.

We decided to push for another picture so we might appear to rise above the minimum efforts.


Ever-competitive Daniel (horse-head  Barbie) as usual won the competition. He was named “the prettiest second-year PhD student in the MEOW lab Halloween photoshoot”.  Eileen’s raincoat Barbie and Hoff’s blackbelt Barbie were honorable mentions. Congratulations! Others did not put any efforts in this event and merely meekly donned the glittering hays on their heads as they were told. Fortunately they had some cookies and candies during the group meeting after the photoshoot to make up the energy to pose for the pictures.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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