Junjie chairs the Bioengineering Platform and gives a talk on quantum actuation at BPS Annual Meeting 2024

Junjie served as the chair of the Bioengineering Platform in Biophysical Society Annual Meeting at Philadelphia this year (2024). More coverage can found at this link.

Junjie also was invited to give a talk on his exciting discovery that we can use light and magnetism to control cell behaviors and cell fate. Junjie designed recombinant proteins that would respond to light and magnetic fields in a prescribed fashion.  The data suggest we can design many more that can modulate many more different types of cell behaviors.

We received a lot of interest at the BPS annual meeting and many insightful feedback. We look forward to getting back to the bench and make the recombinant protein more efficient and more powerful.

Very proud of you, Junjie!

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