Junjie’s presentation at Center for Cell Dynamics

We marked the end of Spring 2023 semester by attending Junjie’s talk given at Center for Cell Dynamics (CCD), entitled “Quantum Actuation in Cells with Recombinant Magneto-sensitive Protein”.  We are very excited about this work and its applicational potential in precise control of specific biochemical reactions by shaping the local electromagnetic energy landscape and modulating proton and electron spins of enzymes. More cool examples about the emerging field of quantum biology can be found in the recently concluded Gordon Research Conference “Emerging Methodologies to Investigate Quantum Effects in Biology“.

We celebrated Junjie’s and his team’s (Samantha, Ryan, Rebecca and Yang) hard work by having loads of crabs. What a memorable Friday in an unusually chilled April! We look forward to more exciting results to come soon.

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